Imagination under Revision Pt5


Ars Poetica: The Langston Hughes Redux

Imagination under Revision Pt3

Words on Fire

Words on Fire, in collaboration with E. A. R. S. @ GroundZero, featuring RC deWinter @dewinterart, Rick Andrew @fmandrew, Mary Macharia @mnmacharia, Uma Venkatraman @uvr2002, and Arthur Turfa.

More to come throughout 2019 /:-)

Imagination under Revision Pt2


His eyes
Were watching
Nature strip
Down her
Neon vernacular
To blue skies
Dressed in
An orange peel skirt
With lips
That taste
Of cinnamon

©2014 MDSHall

The Grand Collage: “Cloud-Walkers of the World Unite”

Imagination under Revision Pt1

The Grand Collage: “Jazz is America’s Classical Music”

Things Left Unsaid

Nights are but sermons
To be streamed
In this requiem
To a dream, with stars
Drawn from wondrous dust
On shadows of the moon
As past, present
And future ferment
Like grapes
“In the twilight
Of perpetual noon”

& kismet called upon
By the revenant vox
Of wordshippers to come

Through The static
And the hum, out from
Under the umbra
Into sight, communing
With kindred souls
In search of the other
Side speaking truth
To light, because things
Once left unsaid
Are in a stage
Of dormancy, not dead.

©2018 MDSHall