Indian Summer Love Poem

Faith Ain’t No Fairytale

For the Beautiful One Not Yet Born

                For JaBron

As night weaves webs
        Of ambiguity
With silken spontaneity
        I await
The day you will be born
(just as I did for your older brother
            Fifteen years ago),
Anticipating your first impressions
Of your family (who, weird as we seem,
Always got your back).

I wonder if you will come out
            Facing up
Urinating on the doctor
            As I did
Or if you will jump
            Feet first
Into the ocean of existence like your mama.
I wonder what your first word
            Will be
Mama or daddy or maybe shit
            Right after
You hear your grandma say it.
            I can only
Wonder & imagine what could
Come true, but the answers lie in you.


Bridge Over Troubled Water

The Calm After the Storm