All & Awe

Within the all of
It, is the awe of it all;
We end to begin
And imagine
Time and again

On the wild
Of things
As memory

You back to me
Through the cry
Of love’s laughter;
Yet,  I don’t know why.

©2020 MDSHall

Proverbs of Konfuzeus

Way way,  back in the day, when I thought of myself not only as a poet but also as a philosopher, I wrote this list of adages as a homage to Confucius.

1. Art is a way of life.

2. Only when one’s words evoke actions,
only when the authority of one’s words becomes more sustaining, will s/he impact the world.

3. Beauty is the art of original expression.

4. If & only when we can defy categorization, will humanity then & only then stand to prosper.

5. An absence of ignorance is a plenitude of beauty.

6. Mind is Reality.

7. There’s no need to choose favorite hues.
     All shades are beautiful,
     In all of us.

©1991, 2020

Collector’s Items

It is a lovely surprise, to remake
Acquaintances of old 8tracks, cassettes & even older
LPs & their B-sides…desperately

Trying to parley & laugh
Oblivious to the obvious recollection & retrospection
Of decks & phonographs. it is

Copacetic from a collector’s
Point of view to find love at first listen
Or fall for them all over again.

©2013 MDSHall

Irony of Faith

Today I met God
& she is black, with a natural
Ain’t that ironic.
All these years I been shown
He is blonde with blue eyes.


Under the Influence of Wayne Shorter

The all-seeing eye
Speaks no evil, but if you
Hang with the Devil

You may as well consign
Your soul to the shuddering
Waters of the River Styx.

©2019 MDSHall