Onus (revision)

We’ve loved America
More than
It has
Loved us back

At this point
No one is coming to save us
That is our onus

Literally meaning
(Like it reads)
That responsibility
Lies on us
Always has, always will
End of story

…It’s already been written.

©2019 MDSHall


Reprise: “The Shadow of Your Smile” (revision)

[Urania’s Song]

Why are my eyes roaming in the moonshadows
of her silhouetted smile as if it was the montage

to her soul projected as a chromatic fantasy
upon the umbra of the universe
gravitating to everything under the sun?

Why are my thoughts drifting dreamily with all the colors
coming and going, slipping into night, as if they
were the empress of heaven’s old clothes (or lack thereof)

composing the coda of day coming to a close? only
to feel the reprise of her heart reverberating
in these vagabond eyes by way of my talking hands.


Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say (or: the truth about “funky butt”)

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When Poetry Met Music

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(In Spite of) The Evil That Men Do

On a mote of dusk, suspended on
Sunbeams, was something
Foreseen, like a recurring dream
In the twilight of tides ago
Waking me from fits of sleep
To news of innocents
Made victims of the darkness
That plagues us, with the light
In their eyes plucked by villains
Broken inside
With no regard for the strings of life
Trying to blight
Everything in sight of broad daylight.

But, in spite of the evil that men do –

It is in the light
Of these innocent souls
Saved by the burning spirit
In the sky, that the shadow of their
Lives is made whole, grown
Out of Earthen echoes
Of the cosmos, aligning their
Footprints with healing rays that sing
Reflections of a golden dream:
Out of myriad
Hues casts one light of the world.

©2019 MDSHall