Ars Poetica: The Langston Hughes Redux


The Grand Collage: “Cloud-Walkers of the World Unite”

The Grand Collage: “Jazz is America’s Classical Music”

Erato’s Love Notes Part 9

I evoke you
…Out of the babel
Of Babylon, in the cadence
Of our hearts’ embrace — like
Love inciting poetry
& verse inviting passions
Of the soul to be its
Epitaph, as the voices
Inside my head splinter
Then rejoin & rejoice in a chorus
Of the syllables
Of your name swinging
Off & on the branches
Of the echo tree
For eternity to adhere
& infinity to see…
Even through the confines
Of night, “striding
Across nothingness.”

*Quote from Zora Neale Hurston



Midnight Silence

As night lures me

Into her web of delicate
Sights & sounds
The moon plays the ocean
Like a violin
In memories
That bear resemblance
To an old film
With certain moments
Of reticence.
& yet, even
In visible silence
Her countenance
Me, as

Her eyes unveil mine.

©2018 MDSHall

The Grand Collage: “Excelsior!”

Ex Libris Life and the human condition Pt.5

Autumn Nocturne

sought its
echo, lost
in the song of songs
accompanied by
the orchestra of swirling leaves.

©2014 MDSHall