The Calm After the Storm

Angel of Harlem

Lady Day, the truth
Still lingers with every new
Earful of “Strange Fruit.”


The Clockwork of Spirits Renga Project No. 2

Love is the beacon
Of brighter days and blessings
To come tomorrow…

Blessed be this life of mine
Of which is refined by time.

Love is the water,
Quenching my thirst and freeing
My heart from sorrow.

Love is the balance
The promise of tomorrow.

Love is the tender caring
The loving sharing
The dare to be daring
And broken hearts repairing.

True, is love’s unfaltering charm
Love, exhale, smile or wail
Never, cinders when embraced
Dies, as butterflies cease.



Tommy Fry

Greg McDade

Susan Ray

Wynona Gibson

E.A. Howlnice

February, 2013.


Three: holiest of
Numbers, paradigm of life
& resurrection—

Through generations
Of father, mother & child
Life is made complete

Enlightened by suns
Of new dawns, for tomorrow
Was born yesterday.


Cityscape (revision)

Skyscrapers murmur
Grim subway rumblings in their
Roots below the ground.