We are the Curators of Our Own Lives Pt6


The Very Best of the Voices in My Head Side 3

tumblr_oocwg2wobg1rzatpfo1_12801. “Dream Boogie” by Langston Hughes

Good morning, daddy!
Ain’t you heard
The boogie-woogie rumble
Of a dream deferred?

Listen closely:
You’ll hear their feet
Beating out and beating out a –

You think
It’s a happy beat?

Listen to it closely:
Ain’t you heard
something underneath
like a –

What did I say?

I’m happy!
Take it away!

Hey, pop!


2. “Indifference is expensive. Hostility is unaffordable. Trust is priceless. It’s all about Relationships.”
– Ted Rubin

3. “Nothing so charmes the American people as personal bravery. [Blacks] would have ten times the number [of white friends than] they now have were they but half as much in earnest to secure their dearest rights as they are to ape the follies and extravagances of their white neighbors, and to indulge in idle show, in ease, and in luxury.”
– John Brown

4. “If you hear a voice within you say, ‘You cannot paint,’ then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.”
-Vincent Van Gogh

5. “There is nothing permanent except change.”

6. “It is a time for martyrs now, and if I am to be one, it will be for the cause of brotherhood. That’s the only thing that can save this country. Our people have made the mistake of confusing the methods with the objectives. As long as we agree on objectives, we should never fall out with each other just because we believe in different methods, or tactics, or strategy. We have to keep in mind at all times that we are not fighting for separation. We are fighting for recognition as free humans in this society. The only way we’ll get freedom for ourselves is to identify ourselves with every oppressed people in the world. We are blood brothers to the oppressed people.”
-Malcolm X

7. “Until Lions have Historians, Hunters will continue to be Heroes. ”
– Afrikan Proverb

8. “Sometimes you just have to jump and grow your wings on the way down.”
– Les Brown

9. “The true poet has no choice of material. The material plainly chooses him, not he it.”
~ J. D. Salinger

Prayer to a Scream

“You cannot let race consume you. It will take over your poetry, and make it null and void.”
— as told to me by my college poetry professor, Laurence Lieberman

We lost
In the fire
Will find us
Through the ashes

By embers of memory
In the brilliant corners
Of our collective

Now, if only we could be post-racist
As a country. if only we could escape

The cage of condescending
Conformity with its pre-flawed
Laws of a politically polluted
Melting pot and its post-racial
Confearacy, feeling the light

That guides us through our darkest days
With faith in the fate of falling in love with the world
In spite of history; but, ’til the moment

When the rivers of hope and love converge
Flowing to the end of our spirits & the confluent
Ends of Earth, so all of the world can hear

Our waters, letting us know
That the mountain is no more
…we are only partially free.

©2019 MDSHall


We’ve loved America
More than
It has
Loved us back

At this point
No one is coming to save us
That is our onus

Literally meaning
(Like it reads)
That responsibility
Lies on us
Always has & will be
End of story.


Reprise: “The Shadow of Your Smile” (revision)

[Urania’s Song]

Why are my eyes roaming in the moonshadows
of her silhouetted smile as if it was the montage

to her soul projected as a chromatic fantasy
upon the umbra of the universe
gravitating to everything under the sun?

Why are my thoughts drifting dreamily with all the colors
coming and going, slipping into night, as if they
were the empress of heaven’s old clothes (or lack thereof)

composing the coda of day coming to a close? only
to feel the reprise of her heart reverberating
in these vagabond eyes by way of my talking hands.