Voices of Variegation Pt2

The Word of Bird

for Charlie Parker

as he flew, Bird blew
Trying to play clean, looking
For the pretty notes.

In the voice of the
Coolest breeze, the Apostle
Of Hipness hovers

Like a satellite
In orbit of mother earth
& the universe.


Eternity By Infinity [the final cut]

in hopes that we would go

the depth over the distance, growing
deeper than the roots of a tree

i took for granted that we would be
as one
for eternity times infinity; yet,

love is a feeling

memorized, destined to

never forgotten
even if & when it dies
as it does sometimes.

& though yesterday is a memory, your soul
still gleams with the same brightness as the sun.

you were the total conjugation

of my entire language
& the music playing

in tune to moments
we’ve unhappily
lost in translation.

& our embrace,

a universe within itself
to call home, alive

archived in my mind
–that always refuses to go
quietly, already too late for a graceful exit.


Curators of the Lost Art

for Amiri Baraka & Albert Einstein

We are curators
Of the lost art of thought, forced
Into existence
By revelations of mind
& the imagination.


Circa 2000: Reminiscence

Raised up with the rhythmic
instincts of mayfield, marvin
& P-Funk

i rode the love, peace
& Soul Train
through city, country, city –

excavating the articulations
of orchestration lost ( then
found again) in translation

when the 80s came and went
digging in the crates of M.F.S.B.
(mother, father, sister, brother)

looking for the perfect beat
in search of the perfect blend
of knowledge, wisdom & understanding.