Voices of Variegation Pt5

Voices of Variegation Pt2

For H. I. P. H. O. P Heads 2019

This is an extended revision of a 2016 Facebook post.
Rapper(s) I like: Kendrick Lamar & J. Cole
Favorite rapper now: Joey Bada$$ (what I’ve heard by him)
Rapper I can’t stand: Drake
Rap Group I can’t stand: Migos
Rapper I once liked but not now: Kanye
Rapper(s) I still don’t like: Lil’ Wayne & Master P
Rapper(s) I think is overrated: Jay Z & Eminem
Rapper(s) I think is underrated: Wu-Tang Clan, but it took me watching “Of Mics and Men,” then reminiscing back, to realize it; plus, All of the Native Tongues (DeLa, ATCQ, Queen Latifah, Monie Love, but especially the Jungle Bros.)
Rapper(s) I like a lot : Mos Def
Rapper(s) I secretly like a lot: now – Jay Electronica/back in the day – Siah & Yeshuah DapoED
Rapper I truly respect now: Tupac (though it took me all these years to delve into the legacy of his influence through the looking glass, so to say, and see him as one of the progenitors to the BLM movement rather than just analyzing his rise as a walking contradiction of an artist who walked right into the reins of his own demise. )
G. O. A. T. : Rakim
Runner-Up(s)to the G.O.A.T. : KRS-One, Chuck D. & Melle Mel
Favorite Beat Makers: Madlib, J Dilla, Premier, RZA, Pete Rock, The Ummah, Dr. Dre, DJ Shadow, Kan Kick, Just Blaze, 9th Wonder
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