The Free Association of Woodshedding

“We are the music makers…”

— Arthur O’Shaughnessy

I. &
  As if
        I were published
        I cram the contents
        Of my cranium
        On random receipts
        & slivers of cardboard
        Riffing on rapture
        Alive & well
        Within the walls of the woodshed
 As if
    I were a virtuoso
    Soloing in the native tongue
        Of the versaphone
    Singing of lady soul
        Within me
            (because she is my queen
                               my everything)
    Searching for my purpose within truth
     Discovering the truth within beauty
    Carving a brand new nuance of meaning
On the tabula rasa of expression

This is my story
    My song
    Of what
        Was the blues
Then & now
Catapulted from the canon
Of recollection
    Into the crucible of identity
    Onto the canvas of individuality
Conforming only to the persistence of memory

Never giving up the ghost of yesterday
Winning at the end of the way

Wisdom wont
(even in the grasp of death)
To life
Which wills the lungs
Inside me
Expanding & expending
Every breath
Into a souliloquy that sighs:
Ain’t never been free.
But must I die…
To become a legend
Rescued from oblivion?

II. &
  As if
        I could see forever’s
            Through the maze
                Of my vagabond eyes
        This world
        All too wary
        Of its own shadow
            Appears before me
                In streams of ultraviolet

        Scaling the heights of the horizon on breaths of air
        That summon sundry silhouettes
                    Of once slippery memories
        Skating their way into the immortal
        Fusion            of life & death
        Stirring up the sound
                    Of far off drums
        From the distant past, in the jazz
                    Of our kissing bodies

        Conceiving another universe in the womb of mother earth
        As she scores love (the only song there is)
        Into the porous pulse playing within our passion—
        Making music
        That dreams

(This poem is the fusion of parts from 5 different (older) poems.)

Xcerpt #4 — Ode to Langston Hughes

(the return of the drum)

This rhythm
Your vision

To begin again

My umbra

Of blue. you told
Me, “bear in mind that death
Is a drum…calling life to come.”

In the wombiverse
Rooted like
Thoughts coded in the cord
That is mind, I know I’ve grown,

From a seed
To the soulflower
Blooming like “tomorrow bright 
Before us,” calling

You to me as though a beat beyond life
Still you drum the psalms
Of faith, hope and love’s azure

On fire, burning beneath beautiful
Ones not yet born, where age

Is embodied in innocence
Of the sun kissing the horizon
But for us to

Drum “a world” where everyone is free
Seems too perfect a dream for Mother Earth to conceive
Still/birth and its many complications are always rough on


Time: Excerpt 2

Unable to
Remember yesterday, never
To know tomorrow

Now is the moment
Of truth (& in my case, an
Exit of entry

Back through the Zeitgeist).

©2016 MDSHall

2020 Visions


Unfortunately, the tradition of killing (and America’s genocidal tendencies)  continues in 2020, as does the list and the lament of innocent Black bystanders whose lives have been taken and forsaken by the land of the free. But, what it should already know is that it will reap what it sows. To rehash James Baldwin, Gwendolyn Brooks, and Langston Hughes, we’ll never “make peace with mediocrity,” but rather dwell in faith of a higher possibility of humanity finally realizing that “we are each other’s harvest,” because Black Folks, we too are America, which is why we’ll never leave the fruits of our labors of love. I’d say it’s about time to break tradition.



I write this for anyone who truly gives a damn about the continuum of the human spectrum, not for those who are indifferent (or don’t even try to understand the bigger picture), no matter what race or creed you consider yourself to be. Guess what…we all bleed red,  and are children of the same creation.

Let’s forget about Covid-19 for a minute…because what’s on my mind now (and seems like it has been forever) is the daily dilemma of  racial inequity and inequality encountered and endured by African Americans and its infinite shades, including myself, since America was born…& we too are America. I say this to let the bigots and racists, who could care less about us, know that we aren’t going anywhere. We have as much stake in this country as you do. Historically speaking, it was built on the backs of Black folks, especially during the reign of the peculiar institution in the south. So, to all my worthy comrades and contemporaries down for the cause at all cost, I say Be Safe and Stay Strong during these times of madness and mayhem, and believe this gem from Iyanla Vanzant:

“People cannot change who you are and what you were born to be. They can create obstacles in your path. They can do things that make you believe you are other than what you are, but people cannot change, alter, or in any way hinder the truth of your being. The truth is you are divine.”


A Short Conversation about Juneteenth and the Systemic Racism stemming from Slavery and its aftermath, which included the practice of peonage, and the Black Codes and Jim Crow laws of segregation

TW: We need to make sure these laws and any like them are not allowed again.

Me: TW,  that is for sure.

TW: Michael David Saunders Hall,  it has to begin and continue with us.

Me: TW, definitely!

TW: We may not be able to change all of the old attitudes, but we can form the future.

Me: TW, I totally agree…we owe it to our youth to teach the truth 🙂

TW: Michael David Saunders Hall,  I’m having a hard time finding the true histories. Can you point me the right direction?

Me: TW, just start reading all the stuff we weren’t necessarily taught in school, parts of history seemingly and/or purposely excluded, because there’s a lot that was excluded in our basic education, especially when it comes to the importance of Women in general, and Blacks and minorities in the United States of America…read with the intent of gaining knowledge and wisdom of the whole spectrum of humanity…start with books like —
The Souls of Black Folk by W. E. B. DuBois, Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison, The Autobiography of Malcolm X and Roots by Alex Haley, the collected writings of Martin Luther King, Jr., Race Matters by Cornel West.

TW: Michael David Saunders Hall, I know our education was limited. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

Me: TW, I don’t think it was necessarily limited perse…it’s just the fact that we were not taught everything we should’ve been…& it’s because the general curricula of teachers from back in the day and even still now are limited in scope…like my best friend (who started a teacher only to become a cop) told me once, it’s sad but teaching nowadays is more so about paperwork than the actual teaching lessons.

TW: Michael David Saunders Hall, too true.

If All Lives truly matter to you, then someone saying Black Lives matter should not trigger you at all.

Let’s hope that 2020 is remembered, not as the year of the Corona, but the year of Human Catalysts, whose deaths (namely George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery) seem to have awakened the political consciousness of the marginalized masses who still endure all of the racial and social inequalities and inequities, and hence became  the much needed spark for change within the collective conscience of the country, moving towards legislation to abolish police brutality and once and for all level the playing fields of justice and equality…By Any Dreams Necessary❗❗❗


An Answer to the Meme:

I Say Not a Damn Thing!!!
…if one wants to kneel, he or she can kneel; it is his or her God given human right. Once and for all, give the man some grace. There is only one judge, if you’re a believer  (and none, if you’re a non-believer).  Me, being a believer…I know, like Kaepernick, that only God can judge me…not being funny, nor quoting Tupac.

Almost 4 years ago, Kaepernick and his 49ers teammate Eric Reid chose to kneel during the anthem to call attention to the issues of racial inequality and police brutality. Kaepernick said:
“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

As for NFL fans having to experience “Lift Every Voice and Sing” before the historically racist “Star-Spangled Banner,” I say it’s only fair, and actually about time, because I never liked it, nor “The Pledge of Allegiance” and its one big myth of “… Liberty and justice,” figuring the two  have never coexisted “For All.”

By Any Dreams Necessary…we are free to be who we ae ❤✌


“All we need is a voluntary, free-spirited, open-ended program of procreative racial deconstruction…everyone just gotta keep f**kin’ everybody ’til we’re all the same color.”
–excerpt from the movie, Bulworth

…& then the institution of Racism would subsequently be required to throw in the towel.

My dad’s been saying this for as long as I can remember 

©2020 MDSHall, in collaboration with the Poet Tree of Discoursing Drums beating By Any Dreams Necessary.