Time: Excerpt 2

Unable to
Remember yesterday, never
To know tomorrow

Now is the moment
Of truth (& in my case, an
Exit of entry

Back through the Zeitgeist).

©2016 MDSHall

Time: Excerpt 1

Days blur
Into murmurs of memory
With voices found
In between the echoes.

©2015 MDSHall

Keepin’ the Faith

layin in the cut (so
deep in the cut)
i remember you
like a moment ago

cool struttin
back & forth
between the devil
& the deep blue sea, steppin

into tomorrow
beyond body and soul
like the gypsy with nothin
to lose but the love that just

walked in–
& nothin but
thoughts of hope
that keep on a blowin

through the labyrinth
life of my faith dressed
as the dreamkeeper shoutin
on a riff & a prayer, despite death’s

illusion of endings, book-
marked by exits of entrance
to somewhere & everywhere all
at once, in the geography of time.

©2014 MDSHall