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While Her Guitar Gently Weeps

[this is a prompt poem written for Poets of G+ and based on this link]

with a light bulb as a slide
her fingers blues walk
across the strings
poetizing the journal
of her journey,
in which
every note has meaning–
like what milk does
to a baby.
for the sake of survival, she
strums the roots
of the Earth
as she knows them to be
way down deep
in her soul,
while her guitar gently weeps
for the meek who shall
inherit it.


Words on Fire (or: Destiny…in search of the light)

inspired by Mark Helprin’s Winter’s Tale

Are we ever to be old

As the destinies or dreams
Of our own decree we seek?

Connected by light
We are stars ageless as God
More ancient than Earth

In a clockwork of spirits
Born out of our words on fire

& loves unbroken by time.


My Soul Temptation

(for the one who eludes me)

everyday, in
every way
love keeps calling
out to me, pleading
to my heart, bleeding
Into the vessel
of my soul
as though
from the River Styx
you flow
right into the paradise
of my own
like water for chocolate
or oxygen for a love
supreme–there is
no in-between

as our lips and hips lock us
together, like two tectonic
plates of Earthly
with merging girths wallowing
amidst this communal stream
of sweet salty sweat
alive in our saliva
in which we taste every word
& sound that delightfully rolls
off of our tongues
skinny dipping in the undertow
of our elated undulations
& fleshly modulations

as our souls submerge in the urge of becoming one
immortal as that fluttery feeling of newborn wings
taking flight within our hearts
tempted only by our time
together, even
when apart.


On the One (I&I)

it is I&I like today
…catching a glimpse of every corner

of the cosmos
through the golden gaze
of eternity’s soul, that

dwells amongst shadows

dancing so close
to the pillar of fire
pulsating inside me

like an undulating sea…
that ends to begin with Mother Earth’s spin once again.

[note: I and I (also spelled I&I) is a complex term meant to totalize the concept of oneness. It refers to the oneness of two people but also the oneness of God and every human being, since we’re all one people in fact.]