April Fools

Higher Learning

Means, then—
Let us be
No matter
How lost
The cause

Purging our minds of indoctrination

Matter how
Much shouting, marching
& rioting we carry on

Be in
Vain, merely
Impotent gestures

Unless we end our miseducation.


The Revolution Will Be Streamed

“A riot is the language of the unheard.”
what Martin didn’t tell us
                                    is that America
                                                          is a molotov cocktail
already afire, inevitably burning itself alive. but, we the people
raging within the constant stream
                                                of an eclectic everchanging
American dream, need to steal it back      from the electoral $$$$$
college of the greedy political machine. By Any Means Necessary,

“of the people, by the people, for the people.”

as defenders of equality, aspire to inspire
us all to be
                      free who we are:
                                                   the heirs of humanity.
with words as our greatest weapons–not fire, bombs
      or guns blazing for glory–unbury the legacy of liberty
…& justice for all, that we read so much about in history.
save the molotovs for the paper trail left by bureaucrats
& conformists.       stop being afraid of being American

& Please Start Being the Real Powers That Be.

©2014 MDSHall

Manchild in the Promised Land

for Yusuf Hawkins, Trayvon Martin & Michael Brown (& inspired by Claude Brown)

does one
run…when he
is already in
the promised land?” ain’t hard to tell
that we’ve adapted & are here until Judgment Day

even though
po-po in a position
of authority
are allowed to patrol & control
& shoot to kill at will, as if
they were overseers of a peculiar institution
situated in a land stolen
from its natives by upholders of our so-called Manifest Destiny, back
when it was commonplace to see strange fruit
hanging from a tree. yet
America still insists her dream is for everybody

“How can that be?” when you so easily extinguish
the fire in young black men’s eyes, as
though you were reaping
dreams in your
no black

©2014 MDSHall