Like the Planets Around the Sun

Yardbird’s Blues

Analog Soul: The Truth Is Now

On this, the quiet side of tomorrow
A masterpiece beyond midnight
Emerging from its veil
Of pale moonlight
As past in present in future, awaits
The mourning light
Starring as the choir of Now
Springing unending understanding
Of the truth spoken here
In spontaneous combustion
Of space & time becoming
One. When the song is ended & segued
Into the air, I shall hear their voices
As I did the first time many
Beautiful moons ago, alive
In the distance
In the rain of analog soul mutating with the sound.


The Clockwork of Spirits Renga No. One

The marquee moon
Wades in the umbra of her
Twilight garden,

Grasping the final moments
Of obscurity.

She will touch them
The upturned face or bowed head
Bathe them in silver

Slowly caressing before
Dawn breaks naturally

As dissolution of the eclipse
Makes solution 
Into flower.

The blooming dissolution
Flutters before it is time…

Restless ticking in her
Twilight sleeplessness
Mirrors the dawn.

Breached abyss
Alluring all

Into an unending peace
Kissed by a dark light.


Michael Hall

Susan Ray

A.J. Walker

Donetta Sifford

Symon Aidan Smith

T. Pascal

Katie Anderson

E.A. Howlnice

Tommy Fry


Portrait of a Love Chant

        For Charles Mingus

With the charisma
Of a cat with nine lives
The band meanders
About the melody
One solo at a time.

Then like an aural elixir
The singer scats sweet somethings
In the voice of every instrument

I’m in love with the bass
I love to flirt with the hurt
I hear vented from the valves of the horn
I love to dance with the drums
Sometimes I even think they are playing themselves.