When Poetry Met Music

Latest Poem on 🅱logger;) 8/16/19



Let My Children Hear Me

I am living
In uncharted poetry —
Just a month past a year
Without my
There aren’t enough words
To say how I
Miss her.

She comes & goes
Like a gypsy in my soul
Regularly visiting
The music of my mind
(Where the notes
Of my
Remembrances of her
Fittingly intact)

Especially when I
Am deep in daydream
Envisioning her
Perched like a star
On a spiral staff keeping tabs
On everything, even the wandering souls
Filled with the language
Of the unheard, emerging
From the margins
Carrying out the will
Of a righteous riot, all
The while singing
Unsung lullabies through her
Laughing eyes, for I know
She left the best of herself in me.
& she’d be happy to know
My sister & I still
Hear her.

©2019 MDSHall

Erato’s Love Notes Part 9

I evoke you
…Out of the babel
Of Babylon, in the cadence
Of our hearts’ embrace — like
Love inciting poetry
& verse inviting passions
Of the soul to be its
Epitaph, as the voices
Inside my head splinter
Then rejoin & rejoice in a chorus
Of the syllables
Of your name swinging
Off & on the branches
Of the echo tree
For eternity to adhere
& infinity to see…
Even through the confines
Of night, “striding
Across nothingness.”

*Quote from Zora Neale Hurston


Midnight Silence

As night lures me

Into her web of delicate
Sights & sounds
The moon plays the ocean
Like a violin
In memories
That bear resemblance
To an old film
With certain moments
Of reticence.
& yet, even
In visible silence
Her countenance
Me, as

Her eyes unveil mine.

©2018 MDSHall

Reciprocity (or: Life According to the Axis of Love)



Life tries undressing
The eyes of mi amor, I
Can’t help but adore

The hues

In the rainbow of you.
& can’t get enough of your
Calling out my name.

& from you

Expect exactly the same.

©2018, MDSHall