Black Pearls (re:Vision)

With the pitter-patter
Of children’s laughter
By tone poems
Of the beautiful omnipresence of love–
Even when there is no sun
Love is the spirit voice, the healing song
That sweet illumination
Of the deep rivers
In me
Searching for the gospel
Truth, absolutely
Greater than the sum
Of its parts, because
There is no coincidental way
In the memory of love’s refrain.

My soul chimes in the wind
Breaking every wave
For those who chose
To ride the riptide
Rather than chance
Life after
My soul
Thrums deeper
Than a storm
Of fallen bullets of rain
Born to ascend
From earth like birds of fire
And build an ark to the universe.

My soul
Really sings
Are the black pearls, that
Walk with me and dream, amongst other

©2020 MDSHall

Irony of Faith

Today I met God
& she is black, with a natural
Ain’t that ironic.
All these years I been shown
He is blonde with blue eyes.


The Jurisdiction of Faith

for Mary Kathrine Hall

I asked God to take
Me first, but with fate in faith
Already being

Spoken in the tongues of her
Last will & testament

She taught me all of
The volumes of life and death
Before the bells told–

Her story, her song.

©2018 MDSHall, in collaboration with A Weird World of Words Collective:)

Last Regards To Forever

The future sparkling
In front of us, we thought we’d
See forever together.

©2016 MDSHall

Erato’s Love Notes: To the Nines

Vers Libre: the voice of the coolest breeze

9. I evoke you
…Out of the babel
Of Babylon, in the cadence
Of our hearts’ embrace — like
Love inciting poetry
& verse inviting passions
Of the soul to be its
Epitaph, as the voices
Inside my head splinter
Then rejoin & rejoice in a chorus
Of the syllables
Of your name swinging
Off & on the branches
Of the echo tree
For eternity to adhere
& infinity to see…
Even through the confines
Of night, “striding
Across nothingness.”

(*Quote from Zora Neale Hurston)

8. As the millions of
Colors sound off in my
Mind, to infuse hues

In the umbrella
Of umbra and propel me
Through the tyranny

Of time, I fall more
In adore with the broken road
Running parallel

To moons conjured
“In the twilight of
Perpetual noon”

That led me through truths
And transparencies
Dead into you.

(*Quote from Geoff Dyer)

7. We
Are destined…

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