Love’s Call

Indian Summer Love Poem

Love in Progress

Love (she never leaves)

Love knows no end, only
Seeks to speak
        Of the beat
                Of my heart
That the thunder could not put asunder
Neither before
        Nor after
                The storm, remembering
The swell of autumn leaves that fell, &
                Upon their return in spring,
The pantomime of passion’s flowers that shall reign
“in the eyes where tears used to be”
                Trying to see for the sake of curiosity
The portrait love will paint of me, waiting patiently, besides
A sole leaf green with envy of this funky serenity instilled in me.


Love (pt. 2)

    For Lisa

You are the muse/ic
        That never dies
Moving me in oh so many ways;
    The muse/ic
        That lives inside
My beating heart as it pulsates.