Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 09/09/20

Featured today by Cajun Mutt Press

Cajun Mutt Press

Analog Soul: Saturday Nite in the Kosmos
(…& i hope that God never turns off the stars)

for Bill Evans & Irving Berlin

out of the cool, in maiden voyages
of freedom–new orbits of soul, we
flew beyond the blue horizon

high above the canopy of a constellated caravan
movin towards the sun into “nothin’ but blue skies

…do i see,” where even the sounds
shine upon our bodies electric, dwellin’
in the invisible flames of our own fire music.

we marveled as blue skies became the night
of a thousand eyes, illuminated by the sum of its stars

in a fusion of ubiquitous streams
& sanctified dreams. we marveled
as the lights fell in love with the jazz:

free & liberated since the moment it was consummated, born
within a rimshot of a riff stirred by echoes of the hawk navigatin’
’bout nocturnes that seek to speak of thunder

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