My Favorite Colors

They once were red, white and blue
Until I grew up
And fell into the Pan-African
Scene of red, black and green
By the time I was 19, listening 
To A Tribe Called Quest,
Brand Nubian, De La Soul,
Jungle Brothers, X Clan
And Public Enemy.

Then came footprints of change
Moving towards an awakening
Of the senses in a wave of youthful
Expression from hunter to lime green
Between 30 and 35, invigorated
And revived…and now, nonetheless
Woke and scrupulously scribbling
The missives of an incognito traveler

Nothing is better than the optimism
Of orange always looking towards
The brighter side of life
And the majesty of imagination
Expressing divine intervention
With every tint of the color purple
Uniting all the moods of my body and soul.

©2020 MDSHall

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