Twilight Sounds of Summer Madness

“seems like nighttime brings the breezes…”
                                        –David Henderson

with reckless abandon–

                    i mutter
to myself
                  as i tiptoe
                                      up the spiral stairway
to the stars
                        shout bright back at me, of yearning
                                                                               to hear
the tones technicoloring the blackground of Night–
taking flight through foreshadows of tomorrow
closing in on
                        forever, closer than we
                                                                   could ever be to free.
traveling in and out of  her nocturnal world
                    through her auguries
                                                           and incantations
with rhythm as the passport to where life plays
by ear…
               just listen,
                                  as Night hums
                                                              after hour antidotes
                                   of summer madness
                                                              through the bass
                                   and the drum.
               just listen,
                                   to Miles with Bill Evans,
                                                               Cannonball Adderly
                                   & Trane  ad lib “Kind of Blue”
                                                                breezes of a magnum
                                    opus called jazz, riffing
                                                                wherever the heat of Night
                                    dares them to go.
                                                                     but, wailing blues mere words
                                    will never show.
               just listen,
                                     as Night becomes
                                                                        the slow grind
                                     of bodies to a crawl.
               just listen,

with reckless abandon. 


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