New A.R.K.

he said
that i was his
new ark back to heaven
as i picked him up at the gates
of hell.

at least
that is what he
called the place he just left.
he said, ” don’t be a prisoner
of time.”

he said
that after ‘while
moments become seconds
& seconds seem like minutes that

the hours
that turn to years
as your life wanes away
into an oblivion, where

that is prison.
so glad that he could see
beyond those walls that oversaw
the blur

of years
he left behind
them, he said that we who
are like God are beloved friends
that know

no end.
“today i’m free
for i know who i am,”
he said, “as do you, my new ark,
my friend.”

sell the shadow
to support the substance
like Sojourner said. & each one,
teach one.”

right as
he stopped speaking
we arrived at his sister’s
who couldn’t pick him up that day.
he said

“thank you
for being there
& listening to me.
i’ve told you nothing but the truth…
Use It.”


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