Song of the Soul (for Nikki Giovanni)

poetry is the song of the soul
that decodes
the cacophony
of the mind
finding freedom in who we are

& peace in who i am
because to be free
is to think, feel…&act
upon the words that are born
not spoken.

sometimes in the wee small hours of morning
we sit
at the PC or laptop
reeling in spirits, fighting off
demons, weighing & considering
through blood, sweat & years
the past, present & future as one
everchanging poem
in which we try to free
ourselves in the words.
& if i am able to free myself
as i hold
to the here & now, then i have hit all the notes
by playing what’s not there, saying
the very first thing that flows like air
breathed through me into you.

a poem is adrenaline
rushing, blowing the lid
off the poet.
descending into the ear of the reader
as the body leaves imprints of its soul
upon all of us
as its heart pounds like Art Blakey
neverending in its message
“that life is precious.” & our dreams–
like roads for vagabonds, are scribed
in the wandering eyes of our fate, destined
to new directions

of change, which is all
we poets wrapped in our curiosity
want anyway.


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