Poetry: In Celebration of the Incantation Called Inspiration

Possessed by the five senses
Inspiration is everywhere:

An interruption, a few detours
& unexpected zigs & zags, turn a trip
Into an unabridged journey
That necessitates the wish
For new directions of exhilaration
With or without a destination, forcing it
Out of the world of reason into a world
Of magic & imagination, not to be
Abandoned by the muse of memory.

Who has
A message
To bring, always has
That sing —

Stirring the soul
Of yourself & everyone else, speaking
To the multitude of minds struggling
To make sense yet sort out everything;

Transmitting peace from chaos
By ignoring all frontiers & boundaries
Except the blank page that listens,
Humbly heeding lessons in compassion,
Dictating every thought & meditation
Invigorated by innate revelations
As though you were God personified
Reading the details of my mind.


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