The Revolution Has Arrived

(for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery)

“Respect our existence or expect our   resistance…we, too, are Human.”

Our origin is not arbitrary

We are no longer pawns
In the fun and games of Dick and Jane

We are the citizens who fell victim
To a dream that, after 400 years, has
Been transmogrified and magnified

Into a firestorm of indifference
And intolerance, as our system
Falls deeper into a divide
Of dissension and ignorance;

Yet, we emerge from the margins
Like a metaphorce of ancestral sighs
Speaking truth to power in the tongue
Of survival’s drums, wandering through
The wilderness in search of Zion,

Unlearning everything, pondering in lieu
Of wondering between dilemmas
Of perish or live to cherish the rituals
That define us. and though we may

Grow weary, we will rise to revitalize
The revolution that never died
But rather has arrived, to be streamed

Via black soul and the versaphone, only
To unveil the wail of a new day, as we
Become the swing of its perpetual
Pendulum in the continuum of our

Human spectrum, a constant verse
Within the canon of a scarlet history
Moving, with the momentum

Of immortality manifest in murals
Of our own montaged soul-flesh,

Towards freedom and peace of mind.

©2020 MDSHall


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