Let My Children Hear Me

I am living
In uncharted poetry —
Just a month past a year
Without my
There aren’t enough words
To say how I
Miss her.

She comes & goes
Like a gypsy in my soul
Regularly visiting
The music of my mind
(Where the notes
Of my
Remembrances of her
Fittingly intact)

Especially when I
Am deep in daydream
Envisioning her
Perched like a star
On a spiral staff keeping tabs
On everything, even the wandering souls
Filled with the language
Of the unheard, emerging
From the margins
Carrying out the will
Of a righteous riot, all
The while singing
Unsung lullabies through her
Laughing eyes, for I know
She left the best of herself in me.
& she’d be happy to know
My sister & I still
Hear her.

©2019 MDSHall


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