Eulogy for the Queen of Soul

To hear

& bear witness
The fervent stir of her
Immutable soul

With every moan & tone
Of this woman’s work
Is like being baptized

In the current
Of the river’s

Eternal invitation
To salvation
Knowing before you

Even come back up
For air
That without a doubt
Hers is
The voice of God

Or, at least, the lead
Of leads & queen
Of queens that brought

The church to the ears
Of the world
Carrying its weight
In such a way
Only she could enunciate

Spirit into flesh
…& grace into fate.

©2018, 21stcenturygrio


  1. Amen. And for using the gift that the Lord gave her, Aretha gathered a whole lot or RESPECT from people all over the world. Thank God Aretha was born and did what she did–a totally unique, creative life.

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