The Beautiful Ones Not Yet Born

I’m happy to announce that The Pangolin Review is going to use my poem entitled The Beautiful Ones Not Yet Born in their upcoming edition 6 due out September 8, 2018…just received the email yesterday. (The Editor accidentally responded back, I believe, using my middle name, though I listed my whole name in my bio…but, oh well.)

Hello David,
Thank you for the love for The Pangolin Review.
We would like to publish the interesting The Beautiful Ones Not Yet Born in issue 6 of the magazine, scheduled for September 8, 2018.

You can also participate in our 2018 Poetry Contest if you wish;
Have a look at the rules and prizes at:

Sincere regards,

The Beautiful Ones Not Yet Born

“If we were made in his image, then call us by our names
Most intellects do not believe in God, but they fear us just the same.”
— Erykah Badu, excerpt from “On & On”

With passion forged upon
Pain, time is the terrain
Of a stubbornly persistent

Technicolor cosmos that speaks
In the tumultuous tongue
Of a mutating Earth under fire

Of myriad blinks of an eye
Manifest in a maelstrom of motley
Mayhem; & love, the heirloom
Of our souls sown together, in spite
Of the media free for all

With its defamations of character
Scrawled on the wall, as we
Bear the wait of dreams to come

Embracing the face of faith
With grace to loosen the noose of angst
That has held us hostage

To a history scraped free of its old
Price, enthralled in the legacy
Of ancestoral sacrifice — by DNA
We are locked into the cipher
Exhumed from the speechless dead
For the beautiful ones not yet born.

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