Erato’s Love Notes: To the Nines

9. I evoke you
…Out of the babel
Of Babylon, in the cadence
Of our hearts’ embrace — like
Love inciting poetry
& verse inviting passions
Of the soul to be its
Epitaph, as the voices
Inside my head splinter
Then rejoin & rejoice in a chorus
Of the syllables
Of your name swinging
Off & on the branches
Of the echo tree
For eternity to adhere
& infinity to see…
Even through the confines
Of night, “striding
Across nothingness.”

(*Quote from Zora Neale Hurston)

8. As the millions of
Colors sound off in my
Mind, to infuse hues

In the umbrella
Of umbra and propel me
Through the tyranny

Of time, I fall more
In adore with the broken road
Running parallel

To moons conjured
“In the twilight of
Perpetual noon”

That led me through truths
And transparencies
Dead into you.

(*Quote from Geoff Dyer)

7. We
Are destined to dwell
In the wake of love
Till death do us part
(so, we
would be best to save
all the bright wonders
of our words to heal
the worlds
of hurt we endure
through blunders of time
until it is dead —
by love).

6. Through painting felt, yet
unseen, except
by heartstrings, love speaks

In melody

Always on the verge of ecstasy
With words falling
Into place, simultaneously
Upon every one

Of my senses.

5. Like springs of our own musings

…We wake the dead
With our shadows, marauding midnight of its silences…

Improvising night from day.

4. Her lips are the pigment of
Prosody, tasting like the love
She promised to only me
In words foretold
By my dreams.

3. Come what may, devoted
day by day (…’til no end)
To the dance of our wandering stars
With steps choreographed
by the glow of our souls, as
Andromeda falls
upon her Milky Way, summoning
The Muses to harmonize to the nines
Love into our eyes, so we might hear
The sacred music of the planets.

2. Her body hides in words
I’d love to browse fore I drowse
Dreaming poetry.

1. I want to walk your
Fingertips, & follow what remains
Of this road for me.

©2018, MDSHall, in conjunction with the Poet Tree.


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